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Efficient support on your way to the goal based on breathing gas diagnostic


You want an even more individual, more efficient and optimal training. We can offer your the optimal assistance of one of our partner coaches with the following main focus:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Performance Improvement
  • stay healthy despite health limitations



Are you an expert in the field of personal coaching, but you often missing important parameters such as the individual fat metabolism or specific performance? vitascale™ supports you by testing the sport specific performance and the individual metabolism of your athletes and clients. Thus, you will avoid inefficient workouts and offer paying customers a significant added value to individual counseling. Within 5 to 10 minutes before every workout you can determine the most important performance data of your customer such as O2 uptake (VO2max). Based on those values you can adjust the train load/speed control by DEFAULT /vitascale™Cockpit Function or based on your own specifications.

In this way you win extra time and knowledge to even more intensively devote yourself to the training or you have a much better possibility of controlling individual training in the group (e.g. Indoor-Cycling). Further pluses: Based on the historical and current data you generate valuable information about the energy balance and thus optimize the accompanying diet plan. Integrating vitascale™ in your services!

What else can we do for you?

Book additional blocks of vitascale™ app and close the data gap to your SmartWatch or your diet programs. Make your exercise program even more efficient and you unlock the function “metabolic analysis” or “Sub maximum performance test”. Thus your coached becomes more individually and precise on a daily basis. Do to this you will succeed even better your new life with your desired weight. You take medications such as beta blockers to treat (age-related) cardiovascular disease? Other training support systems, such as heart rate monitors are in this case not reliable and safe, vitascale™ is a safe alternative to carrying your healthy workout. Use the SHARE feature to show your results on social networks, to compare your training with friends/partners and to get even more motivated for further goals based on the positive response of all of your friends.

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