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Track Your Perfomances. Show them. Beat them.

vitascale™ is a new comfortable, lightweight, easy to use and cost-effective system that determines your current personal fitness level, fat burning rate as well as metabolism at rest and in motion. Within minutes you have a clear statement of your daily personal fitness, the correct intensity of training or rehabilitation and optimal fat burning zone.

Thanks to the multi-sport functionality you can track every aspect of your indoor training. Now you can play runs, cross training, and record Cardio workouts longer and evaluate your performance and your gradual improvements based comprehensive training summaries and the training progress and your objectives along your objectives and compared to benchmark groups make visible.

Whether you are going running, ride a bicycle or popular fitness equipment used vitascale™ knows how to motivate you during sports. vitascale™ helps you to set goals, tracks your progress, tells you when you have reached an intermediate goal, and shows you after training a complete summary. So you can beat your last workout or improve your peak performance.

Individual Feedback brings you further.

The memory function allows you to view your training results and helps you to acheive your coaching goals for the weekly targets of carbohydrates, fat, calories burned, weight reduction and VO2max. Thus yoursuccesseswill motivate you to new goals. Over time vitascale™ knows how active you are, and based on this information will  propose a realistic daily exercise goal for the next week you. If you like you can adjust these goals according to your needs. These weekly check-ups will help you to become more active and to make great progress in small steps.

So far you have come. As much you've done.

By a simple click you can visualize this information on your smartphone, tablet or directly on your sport equipment. The individual coaching function helps you to either way controll the load/speed on your sport equipment automatically, or to follow your cockpit advice by manually adjusting the load/speed. Thus, you will avoid inefficient training.

The vitascale headset system

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