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The path to your desired body shape via breathing gas diagnostics

You want to improve your body shape and/or lose weight fast, sustainable, safe and efficient? So far nutrition and sport did not lead to your expected results? You are using a heart rate monitor but cannot achieve any significant improvements? Only the one, who knows his body, can influence him effectively! The vitascale™ breath diagnostic system provides you with the necessary information on how to optimize your training schedule. The initial performance and metabolism check takes no longer than a few minutes. The lightweight, easy to wear headset system provides you with data of your individual metabolism, which are to date only available using highly sophisticated sports medicine equipment. As a manner of fact the efficiency of your workout increases. Our sensors detect a broad range of individual data and the vitascale™ app enables you to stay always at in the optimum intensity range. Thus, you can achieve great improvements of the efficiency of your training.

During Training/Workout

During training

While you're running or cycling are driving you will receive information on the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), the calories consumed and the amount of fat burned. In order to achieve an optimal performance improvement, an efficient training intensity is necessary. Thus, depending on the kind of sport initially increases of the endurance can be achieved. However after a certain time speed and endurance performance is stagnating. Pulse measurement method does not provide the precise data that are recorded by the combination of pulse and respiratory gas sensor of vitascale™, and which are necessary in order to derive precise instructions. You can reach the most efficient training through the individualized variety of high and moderate exercise intensities (Source HIIT Training: this system you learn more about your body and this as accurate as it was previously only possible in sports medicine using elaborate breathing gas diagnostics systems for several hundred euros per test. Trust in vitascale™ and customize your current workout to the proposals from the cockpit function of our app in order to achieve optimum results in performance improvement. So you train more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Based on the evaluation of your data during your training you'll see how you can increase your performance and / or successfully lose weight.

Motivation through shared successes

Share your achievements, your performance and your diagnoses in social networks and experience, as the positive feedback from your friends help you increase your motivation and joy to enlarge the training. Compete with Trainings partner and benefit from additional incentives throughout the competition. All with one simple click.

What else can we do for you?

Book additional blocks of vitascale™ app and close the data gap to your SmartWatch or your diet programs. Make your exercise program even more efficient by unlocking the function “metabolic analysis” or “Sub maximum performance test”. Thus your coached becomes more individually and precise on a daily basis. Do to this you will succeed even better your new life with your desired weight. You take medications such as beta blockers to treat (age-related) cardiovascular disease? Other training support systems, such as heart rate monitors are in this case not reliable and safe, vitascale™ is a safe alternative to carrying your healthy workout. Use the SHARE feature to show your results on social networks, to compare your training with friends/partners and to get even more motivated for further goals based on the positive response of all of your friends.

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