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  • Fitnesslevel

    vitascale™ is worldwide first wearable that makes the Golden Standard of Sports Medicine available to end users. Your added value efficient, precise, simple, comfortable and cost-effective

  • Check

    Train like a professional athlete. Measure your individual performance based on sports medical accuracy

  • Benchmark

    Precise measurement, benchmarking, history of your body shaping and/or training success ensure lasting goal achievement

  • Cockpit

    The intelligent and easy-to-use system guides you safely and efficiently through the cockpit function to your goals

  • Innovationspreis-IT

    vitascale™ was elected as one of the best business concept of E-Health application

Live your passion, Train smart!

Meet your goals efficiently, safe and sustainable

Maximize your training, take care of your individual daily dependent training intensity and monitor calorie burned, fat burned and the performance increase. Allin one by using the automatic respiratory gas and heart rate measurement via the comfortable Head Set system of vitascale™. Thanks to the continuous and very precise measurement you stay always in the correct zone during exercise. The System shows you an overview of your daily activities. The ring of activity informs you about your daily progress and helps you to sit less, move yourself more and sometimes to train again. vitascale™ is a very accurate barometer of your performance and it shows you your real-time statistics for some of the most popular types of exercise. While using vitascale™ learns more about your activities and fitness and hence knows you even better. This information uses vitascale™ to calculate more accurate readings and to propose personal goals for the next activity or help you to achieve your personal goals even faster and more efficient.

None Belt. No mask. No rule of thumb.

The Company

Who we are? what stage are we at, what have we achieved,what remains to be done?

Since 2011 vitascale has been specialized in developing head set system for breath based diagnostic and control. Currently this system is almost about entering pre series status. Convince yourself of the concept and the worldwide exceptionally possibilities to reduce weight and improve performance. Become a pilot user of our shortly upcoming pre series and fill the quick form under Contact.